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Breaking Point

from by Aergia

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Track 8 of Peripeteia. Hang in there, buddy, the sun will soon be there for you!


I haven't seen the sun
In God knows how long
This eternal darkness,
It overcomes my senses
My soul, my mind, I'm running thin

As light begins to peer above the horizon
My body begs for rest
Though my mind is at its peak,
I give in only to further my spiraling down

When I wake, I realize
I haven't dreamt in so long
(Forgetting my happiness that I once knew)
[It's still dark out, I feel like I'm going insane]
The only light I see
Shines so dim, it seems so out of reach

I feel like I'm working my body too hard
All the while I smile to hide what is really beneath
And though I know they can see
Right through my mask, my lies and deceit

I still lie to myself as if maybe I'll lose it,
I'll prove it, there's nothing that can bring me down
I know this in my heart
Rest assured, it's absurd, but I know that it's right

My mind has been so distorted
I feel as if my senses are numbed
(I'm losing it, I can't take much more)
[All I feel is this burning sensation inside]
I'm at my breaking point
Save me from this hell that's killing me

I bring myself to you
'Cause I have never felt so alone in my whole life
I need a change, a change of pace in my life
A change of mind
If you can, please help me
I can't take anymore
I'm fading away
(It's all right, just follow to the sound of my voice. Everything is going to be okay. Just hold on, hang in there, and don't slip. 1...2...)

The voices, they're getting louder,
Telling me that it's all right
I'm slipping into hysteria
The darkness consumes me
Obsession with my imagination
Leads me to believe
The voices are everything I've got
They're everything I need

Have I fallen too far or is there
A chance that I can still be saved
From total loss of self?
(You can be saved)
[Just follow my voice]
My god, what have I done?
Have I led myself this far?
In these crimsoned rags
I reach out for the light

I close my eyes for one last time
As I reach out to those
Who tried to help me oh so long ago
I guess I'm not alone

I haven't seen the sun
In God knows how long
I'd forgotten all I once knew
And though I'll need some time
I'll say goodnight
And in the dark, I find rest
(Right next to you, I smile as
I watch the sun take its last breath
My eyes, they fall; my mind, it slows
And in the dark, I'm finally at rest)


from Peripeteia, released January 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Aergia Orlando, Florida

Formed as a result of Cure the Corrupt’s breakup and subsequent drive to continue musical pursuits by some former members, Aergia formed with their lineup of Michael Fluker, Nick Espinosa, Frankie Johnson, Jean Pierre Castrillion, and Evan Munger. The musical style of Aergia combines modern metalcore, melodic hardcore, progressive, and punk elements into a single sound. ... more

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