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The Elder

from by Aergia

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Track 10 of Peripeteia. Long song is long. But it's beautiful, trust us, definitely not a skipper!


"So implored you are by me to cease all protest to my cause-"
"And shall I sit idly by whilst my kingdom's crops die?"
"Sit idly so though not being causeless allow me to-"
"Go! Not a word you speak more, lest you dare face my sword"

In its splendor Jairo wakes as
A young man walks his day's first steps
With practiced precision, eyes bright
Portraying clarity despite a drought of sleep
(People cross paths with each other
If only to check what must be done
Work never ends but with a town
Of friends the day's work can be done)

A sudden misstep in consciousness
Falling through self
Paradigm awakening

And lo! The young man in his moment
Of wandering thought became
Solitary in his claim to sure footing
As all fell beneath this strange power
The young man excluded by this force
Fled the occurrence with all in witness

With distance fading, in time the young man
Sought to understand
that which brought
About the events of the morning
Eyes closed, clear mind to hear
Wind blowing, mind floating
Dust swirls around the young man's feet
Controlling it, in theory

And over time his mastery
Of the profound acts he performed
Led him to build up quite a profound score
With his kinsmen, the latter of whom
Wouldn't accept a troublemaker
From any woman's womb
The many signs of problems
Finally reached the King
Through word of his subjects
Leading to his arrest

The king, sensing his power disrupted
By this usurper of peace quickly moved
To have the flow of chaos cut off at
Its source, exiling the young man

The young man upon hearing of the warrant
For his immediate removal from Jairo
Decided to spite this by stealthily
Exiting the town himself with aid from his newfound power

Several days passed until a shopkeeper
Came forth claiming to witness the Exile
To be leaving Jairo seemingly under his own pretense
With the nuisance however removed, the king
Sought to reassure his kingdom

A speech was delivered by the king
Which quelled most rumors of instability

Though this succeeded in suppressing the masses
There were a few who doubted the king’s word

The shopkeeper in witness of the exile’s flight
Together with a close group of friends supposed
Some of the occurrences surrounding the exile
Were not pure happenstance
(There has to be a way!)
Aether, it shall be called
The way in which the exile was special
How forces bent to his will as though controlled
We can control the controller
In secret we shall become
(We will learn to control)

Time has passed, nothing lasts
A storm blows; A secret no one knows

Jairo has unwittingly traded
Their king of deceit for a king of
gluttony; due to his actions
The community and surrounding
Lands have been deprived of wealth
For too long; should this go on
The once prosperous people and lands
Of Jairo shall become a barren
Landmark reminding all what greed caused

In secret the Cult of Aether
As they called themselves
To search for the answer long-awaited:
How to control this force

When suddenly
Accidental resolution on a
Mental plane within one member causes
The mystery of aether to be solved
Recorded thusly
The long sought secret of Aether is now known

Though the controls were bestowed by chance to
One member and thus to all the unknown
Possibilities kept most from the practice
Nonetheless, all in witness of the
Knowledge were grateful to have
All the potential of the great mystery of Aether to be realized

A traveler passes through a drought-stricken Jairo
Months later bearing odd news of an old man seemingly
Unaffected by the drought, living in a cave no less!
The man is taken by the king and held, never to bear testimony again

The cult, hearing of the traveler’s tale decided to search
For a man who controlled the sky and earth
And so they departed on their secret quest
Finally they stumbled into his cave after three days without rest
Should you not heed our call Jairo falls the men explained
Convincing The Elder to return to-

"This land is mine as well as anyone in it
Protest more and find yourself locked up in the dungeon, kid
You’ve got a lot of nerve," the king said as he spit
"But what you speak of, Aether, it doesn’t exist"

The former king’s words rang in the Old Man’s head
As though yesterday, even so long ago
Tension and suspension accompanied the
Man on his journey home

Free your mind
Watch and learn
Let it flow

In light of recent events the townsfolk of Jairo
Proclaimed the hero of the city was to reign (reign...)
However The Elder so titled only
Stayed so long as to make sure Jairo
Was settled and then bid his home farewell
For he had learned his true home was
In his peaceful cave passing through
The ages, never to be seen


from Peripeteia, released January 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Aergia Orlando, Florida

Formed as a result of Cure the Corrupt’s breakup and subsequent drive to continue musical pursuits by some former members, Aergia formed with their lineup of Michael Fluker, Nick Espinosa, Frankie Johnson, Jean Pierre Castrillion, and Evan Munger. The musical style of Aergia combines modern metalcore, melodic hardcore, progressive, and punk elements into a single sound. ... more

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