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by Aergia

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Aergia's debut album Peripeteia is an 11-track record that pushes the boundaries of what you might expect from a typical release. From a wide range of sounds, all we can say is...well, it works. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an hour long journey through our imagination.


released January 18, 2014

Aergia is:
Michael Fluker - Guitars/Vocals
Frank Johnson - Keys/Synth/Vocals
Jean-Pierre Castrillon - Guitars
Nick Espinosa - Bass
Evan Munger - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Jeramie Kling at Smoke and Mirrors Studios in Spring Hill, FL. Summer 2013.
Mastered by Steven Morse of Sure Fire Mastering. Fall 2013.

All songs written and performed by Aergia.
Guest vocals on "Lost in the Shadows" performed by Jeramie Kling

All artwork by Bo Bradshaw and Marc Whisnant of Brilliant Engine (including Aergia logo, album art, and album layout)
Live photos by Matt Agan of MATLOKMEDIA



all rights reserved


Aergia Orlando, Florida

Formed as a result of Cure the Corrupt’s breakup and subsequent drive to continue musical pursuits by some former members, Aergia formed with their lineup of Michael Fluker, Nick Espinosa, Frankie Johnson, Jean Pierre Castrillion, and Evan Munger. The musical style of Aergia combines modern metalcore, melodic hardcore, progressive, and punk elements into a single sound. ... more

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Track Name: Creating the Core
With amateur dreams of getting to the top
Lacking experience
We formed the core of what we are today
It started out slow with rhythms of our youth
The music was loud
It would drown out our mistakes
We took for granted the criticisms
And thought we had it all figured out

We had some troubles down the road (We can't let this)
With rivals threatening our hope (Bring us down)
To each his own, but we endured (We can't let this)
All of the taunts, don't bring us (Bring us down)

Down the road we've become versed with
How the world may treat us different
Competitions ending darkly
Composing this reality
(Never knowing who we are; and to
Think we had something to bring to the world)
[This time we'll make a change and
Give everything it takes to
Reach the crest of this league and
Have the time of our lives]

Let's get this started
We need to leave our mark
To be remembered
Is all we really want
Put forth the effort
With all our blood and sweat
And we'll remember
For our entire lives

All things that are great must come to an end
This last time, let's go out with a bang
Let's show them everything we've got
Under these spotlights tonight
All things that are great must come to an end
This last time, let's go out with a bang
Let's show them everything we've got
And seize the night

Let's go!
Track Name: The Few (A Goodbye Note)
These past few years I've had the time to reflect on your role
And how valued I placed it next to me
You brought me through the times I couldn't bring myself through
And in return for this, my brother, know I'd do the same for you

Through my hardest times you were by my side
And when the time came for me to realize
What you were to me
You were my everything
You left a hole in me when you left us all
Back then I was deaf to this song and I screamed

All these times couldn't have been any better without you
It's closing time, the chips all long cashed out
This flickering flame, once so brilliant now wanes towards its death
I'll cup this light lest we feel the touch of day

And I try so hard to perservere
With my foundation falling down
Where do I go? What do I do?
When my whole world revolves around you

So many times we watch the world go by in a flash
Taking for granted the gifts that are simplest
When I die I want you beside me

(It's hard to believe that you're gone)
(I cannot cope without you here)
Did this friendship not mean a thing?
(Please stay, please stay)
It's not time to go our separate ways

What if you find happiness there?
What if you replace us all there?
Your ship is sailing and I'm stuck believing that I'm still the wind in your sails
(I'm bailing water out of your ship to put it in mine)

It was my fear that told you not to go
But look at us now
We won't let distance hold us down
You're in our hearts

We won't forget you!

"If you got this then you were one of the people who I think made me the way I am
I say I will miss everyone and I will but you are the ones I will truly miss
I hope you keep in contact with me, as I will try to keep in contact with you
Thank you for making my school years what they were; I think you are the greatest..."
(you are the greatest...)

Sometimes we must lose what we have for it to be found
And what we found was a devotion transcending distance
And when we look hard enough we can find what we lost
Never again to recede beyond the barriers of permanence
Track Name: Breach
Living in harmony with my life and my regrets
I know I'm not perfect but my doubts laid to rest I have lived a life worthy of envy
And thus assert my claim to a more welcoming death
I can feel something inside clawing at my mind
The cause of which has yet to be defined
I know somewhere, somehow the answers I seek will find me under the air you breathe
My screams and cries are drowned in the deep
Tossed aside to fall just like your anchors
My madness compels me to a revelation
As my heart beats frantically I spread my own disease
Living to spread the infection
Living to die
Wasting away I further my own (death)
If we all sit and waste away then the clock strikes 11 for us every day

My cries of agony ring darker than the deepest blue in the deepest sea
Eyes and limbs once mine begin to take control
I feel compelled to dive
Silently I make my way across my world under your night
My goal forever in my sight; I see nothing else

Slowly I near my destination
The incessant rush now over to return no more

As I gaze upon where my sky meets your waters
I tremble with excitement
This journey, so long, finally over
I no longer fear this diease as I once did
One final push and I'll be done
I leave nothing behind, no tears in my eyes
As I gaze into your skies
Track Name: Memento Mori
You never know when the day will come by
When everything that you once knew leaves your side
So go out and live your life
Just don't forget your end is near

I know that it's hard to keep your ground
When you look forward, you feel tied down
Don't let it get inside you
It's something that we all have to go through

We only have so much time to prove
That we're more than a mass to be entombed
So take a chance, why don't you?
You never know what motion might ensue

Trust your gut, live for what you love
What are you so afraid of?
Sometimes we fall, but don't recoil
It's just a matter of time now

So forget your fears
And confide in your potential
Don't look down, you're stronger than you think
It's a constant struggle
But I promise it's all worth it
If this were your last day, would you feel content?

Life's too short to live in others' shoes
Believe me, you gotta do what you want to do
Just hang in there now, it's worth it in the end
(Just hang in there now, it's worth it in the end)

Keep in mind your mortality
There's nothing wrong with living in the now
'Cause I mean, if all you're living for and working for is all your success
You might lose track of who you are and never really progress
(There's nothing wrong with living in the now)

Trust your gut, live for what you love
What are you so afraid of?
Sometimes we fall, but don't recoil
It's just a matter of time now

So forget your fears
And confide in your potential
Don't look down, you're stronger than you think
It's a constant struggle
But I promise it's all worth it
If this were your last day, would you feel content?

Now hear me out
It's not an easy thing to consider
But rest assured, it's a necessary evil

Think about the future now
Think about your independence, do you
Have a plan when you're on your own?
Are you prepared to face the world by yourself?
Keep doing what you love to do
Don't forget time here is short
Make something of yourself
And enjoy your life
Track Name: Never Forgive, Never Forget
I'll never forgive you
I'll never forget you did this to me
I won't let this kill me
I'll never forget this pain you've given me
Track Name: Vendetta
Three years ago,
It was as cold as Death's soft breath against your neck
We gathered warmth as we sat on our hearth, creating silhouettes
They danced from the flickering of flames behind our hands
As we told stories, how the shadows are but heroes of their land
It's the little things that make us whom we are
That keep us holding on and reaching for the stars
But when those little things are taken from our grasp
We realize how it all is gone in just a flash

I cannot take in all this
I will have my revenge if it's the last thing I do
This time, oh love, it will be his blood to coagulate
Between these grains of sand tonight

A crack of glass,
We felt a draft of winter's breath breaching our lives
Paralysis has overcome our motion, what has burst inside?
I held your hand as we patrolled through the house
Time slowed, I turned, a blast, your hair, this blood, oh God, what have you done?!
He got away that night, my heart collapsed in woe
I've sobbed an ocean, plus some, because of you, my foe
I wish the worst of pain and suffering as I
Sit here in solitude, with nothing but this picture in my mind

I cannot take in all this
I will have my revenge if it's the last thing I do
This time, oh love, it will be his blood to coagulate
Between these grains of sand tonight

Madness has taken its toll on me
I've planned your perfect fate to free
Myself from this torture inside
You took my soul, I'll take your life

Your time has come,
You've brought me nothing but this torture deep inside
I raise my hand, and take a breath as I remember how she died
Maniacally, I laugh with this vendetta flowing from
Your inflicted wound and through my fingertips, where hers for years are gone
The task is done, revenge is gushing from your veins
But she's still gone, this pain, it still remains
With blood on my clothes, am I superior to him?
I've done all I can do, but I still feel the same within

With this brisk air, I recall
Memories of when we were together in harmony
This time, oh love, I will bring hope with this change of mind
I leave you here with flowers of light
Track Name: Breaking Point
I haven't seen the sun
In God knows how long
This eternal darkness,
It overcomes my senses
My soul, my mind, I'm running thin

As light begins to peer above the horizon
My body begs for rest
Though my mind is at its peak,
I give in only to further my spiraling down

When I wake, I realize
I haven't dreamt in so long
(Forgetting my happiness that I once knew)
[It's still dark out, I feel like I'm going insane]
The only light I see
Shines so dim, it seems so out of reach

I feel like I'm working my body too hard
All the while I smile to hide what is really beneath
And though I know they can see
Right through my mask, my lies and deceit

I still lie to myself as if maybe I'll lose it,
I'll prove it, there's nothing that can bring me down
I know this in my heart
Rest assured, it's absurd, but I know that it's right

My mind has been so distorted
I feel as if my senses are numbed
(I'm losing it, I can't take much more)
[All I feel is this burning sensation inside]
I'm at my breaking point
Save me from this hell that's killing me

I bring myself to you
'Cause I have never felt so alone in my whole life
I need a change, a change of pace in my life
A change of mind
If you can, please help me
I can't take anymore
I'm fading away
(It's all right, just follow to the sound of my voice. Everything is going to be okay. Just hold on, hang in there, and don't slip. 1...2...)

The voices, they're getting louder,
Telling me that it's all right
I'm slipping into hysteria
The darkness consumes me
Obsession with my imagination
Leads me to believe
The voices are everything I've got
They're everything I need

Have I fallen too far or is there
A chance that I can still be saved
From total loss of self?
(You can be saved)
[Just follow my voice]
My god, what have I done?
Have I led myself this far?
In these crimsoned rags
I reach out for the light

I close my eyes for one last time
As I reach out to those
Who tried to help me oh so long ago
I guess I'm not alone

I haven't seen the sun
In God knows how long
I'd forgotten all I once knew
And though I'll need some time
I'll say goodnight
And in the dark, I find rest
(Right next to you, I smile as
I watch the sun take its last breath
My eyes, they fall; my mind, it slows
And in the dark, I'm finally at rest)
Track Name: Lost in the Shadows
Do you remember when we'd walk
Down the streets and just look at the stars?
We were lost in the shadows of the night

What ever happened to those golden days?
It seems like
It was only yesterday we'd set things ablaze
But I guess
The times are changing, nothing ever will last
I just never
Thought the day's end would approach us so fast
What's up with everything these days?
How have you been, what are you doing,
Is it all still the same?
I feel like it's been years since we've even talked
It's like you don't even exist beyond a mental block

What happened back then?
Was it just jealousy?
Or was it deeper
Like my hypocrisy?

I made the blunder
And let it escalate
Like knives from a serpent's tongue
I slashed with words of hate
I didn't mean to
Let things get out of hand
But there's no return
No hope of reprimand

Remember the times you'd go through extremities just to
Get me to do the things I'd never put myself through?
It's because of you that I am right where I stand today
You've had so much influence on my life so I convey
That this is wrong
And though it's for the better
I feel so lost
I can't let this engulf me

I'm so blinded by this enveloped light
This fire burns inside
To guide my way, but I can't feel it
Oh God, have I lost myself?
Deep in this grim charade
The fire dies
This burns like capsaicin in my eyes
I sigh...

In this cell I sit and
Ponder why I let you go

I've lost all sense of myself now
But it's all right
I cannot dwell anymore
Oh, let's break this childish tension
And make amends
Oh, you must admit that we had some fun
Let's scythe these rough edges
And let the world know that

I lie alone gazing up at the stars
Times changing with every breath
I am lost in the shadows of the night
Track Name: The Elder
"So implored you are by me to cease all protest to my cause-"
"And shall I sit idly by whilst my kingdom's crops die?"
"Sit idly so though not being causeless allow me to-"
"Go! Not a word you speak more, lest you dare face my sword"

In its splendor Jairo wakes as
A young man walks his day's first steps
With practiced precision, eyes bright
Portraying clarity despite a drought of sleep
(People cross paths with each other
If only to check what must be done
Work never ends but with a town
Of friends the day's work can be done)

A sudden misstep in consciousness
Falling through self
Paradigm awakening

And lo! The young man in his moment
Of wandering thought became
Solitary in his claim to sure footing
As all fell beneath this strange power
The young man excluded by this force
Fled the occurrence with all in witness

With distance fading, in time the young man
Sought to understand
that which brought
About the events of the morning
Eyes closed, clear mind to hear
Wind blowing, mind floating
Dust swirls around the young man's feet
Controlling it, in theory

And over time his mastery
Of the profound acts he performed
Led him to build up quite a profound score
With his kinsmen, the latter of whom
Wouldn't accept a troublemaker
From any woman's womb
The many signs of problems
Finally reached the King
Through word of his subjects
Leading to his arrest

The king, sensing his power disrupted
By this usurper of peace quickly moved
To have the flow of chaos cut off at
Its source, exiling the young man

The young man upon hearing of the warrant
For his immediate removal from Jairo
Decided to spite this by stealthily
Exiting the town himself with aid from his newfound power

Several days passed until a shopkeeper
Came forth claiming to witness the Exile
To be leaving Jairo seemingly under his own pretense
With the nuisance however removed, the king
Sought to reassure his kingdom

A speech was delivered by the king
Which quelled most rumors of instability

Though this succeeded in suppressing the masses
There were a few who doubted the king’s word

The shopkeeper in witness of the exile’s flight
Together with a close group of friends supposed
Some of the occurrences surrounding the exile
Were not pure happenstance
(There has to be a way!)
Aether, it shall be called
The way in which the exile was special
How forces bent to his will as though controlled
We can control the controller
In secret we shall become
(We will learn to control)

Time has passed, nothing lasts
A storm blows; A secret no one knows

Jairo has unwittingly traded
Their king of deceit for a king of
gluttony; due to his actions
The community and surrounding
Lands have been deprived of wealth
For too long; should this go on
The once prosperous people and lands
Of Jairo shall become a barren
Landmark reminding all what greed caused

In secret the Cult of Aether
As they called themselves
To search for the answer long-awaited:
How to control this force

When suddenly
Accidental resolution on a
Mental plane within one member causes
The mystery of aether to be solved
Recorded thusly
The long sought secret of Aether is now known

Though the controls were bestowed by chance to
One member and thus to all the unknown
Possibilities kept most from the practice
Nonetheless, all in witness of the
Knowledge were grateful to have
All the potential of the great mystery of Aether to be realized

A traveler passes through a drought-stricken Jairo
Months later bearing odd news of an old man seemingly
Unaffected by the drought, living in a cave no less!
The man is taken by the king and held, never to bear testimony again

The cult, hearing of the traveler’s tale decided to search
For a man who controlled the sky and earth
And so they departed on their secret quest
Finally they stumbled into his cave after three days without rest
Should you not heed our call Jairo falls the men explained
Convincing The Elder to return to-

"This land is mine as well as anyone in it
Protest more and find yourself locked up in the dungeon, kid
You’ve got a lot of nerve," the king said as he spit
"But what you speak of, Aether, it doesn’t exist"

The former king’s words rang in the Old Man’s head
As though yesterday, even so long ago
Tension and suspension accompanied the
Man on his journey home

Free your mind
Watch and learn
Let it flow

In light of recent events the townsfolk of Jairo
Proclaimed the hero of the city was to reign (reign...)
However The Elder so titled only
Stayed so long as to make sure Jairo
Was settled and then bid his home farewell
For he had learned his true home was
In his peaceful cave passing through
The ages, never to be seen